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The erect state of the penis is mainly associated with a stimulating touch on it. When the genitals are stimulated, the nerve endings are irritated. After the received signals are transmitted to the peripheral nerve centers of the spinal cord (its lower part), where they are processed. Most men experience reflexive arousal. Touching the penis is especially helpful in adulthood. Over the years, age-related changes occur in the male body, and additional stimulation of the penis helps to achieve a full orgasm.

Absolutely different things become impulses that provoke arousal

This type of arousal is controlled by the limbic system of the brain, which converts emotions into sexual desire. An erection is formed by thoughts and images without direct contact with the genitals. For an erectile state, there is enough imagination that irritates the nerve centers of the brain. memories; sexual fantasies; touch (accidental touch); auditory stimuli (musical accompaniment, exciting voice), sense of smell (body odor, perfume); taste stimuli (taste of saliva, genital secretions); visual stimuli (naked body, beautiful underwear, clothing color, hair length, etc.).

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    The male sexual organ has a base, trunk and head, consists of two cavernous (cavernous) and one spongy (spongy) body. They contain many branches and collagen fibers. The spongy and cavernous bodies form trabeculae, consisting of different plates and septa, which are covered with a layer of epithelial cells (endothelium). When the cavities are filled with blood, the spongy and cavernous bodies thicken and swell. This leads to arousal of the penis.

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    The first sign of penis swelling is an increase in penis length. With intense stimulation, there is first a slow and then a rapid increase in the volume of the penis. The entire cycle of sexual arousal is divided into several stages and phases.

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  • Lack of erection. Relaxed phase. Intracavitary pressure, penis and blood volume are constant. Excitation. Latent phase. Relaxation of the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies and arteries. Highest increase in blood flow. Tumescence phase. The volume of the penis and intra-cavernous pressure increase. The duration of the process depends on the intensity and susceptibility of sexual stimulation, as well as the age of the man.

  • Full erection phase. The volume of the penis is constant. The outflow of blood decreases, but the intra-cavernous pressure increases up to 80 mm. Rigid or skeletal phase. Occurs during masturbation or intercourse.

  • The duration of the phase depends on the individual muscle fatigue. Orgasm. Transitional phase. Arterial blood flow is reduced to a low level. Refractory period. The phase of initial detumescence. An erection remains due to orgasmic contractions, which cause blood to drain from the penis.